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...stark notes fly before Gary Tofie Hello Jr.’s voice comfortingly creaks like your favorite broken-in armchair. His words often center on people just trying to make ends meet and are sung with a gorgeous, mournful demeanor.”

Whurk Magazine


Gary Tofie Hello Jr. is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, tirelessly collecting stories and experiences in prose and sound. A native Texan, he has spent over a decade fighting for a sense of place and purpose in the rural mountains of southwest Virginia. His songs are hard-won tales of struggle, poverty, love and love lost, as well as existential contemplations of all the above. Solo efforts over the years have surfaced as No Any Walls and Little Quick Heart. Founding member of Virginia-based bands Eternal Summers, Mommies, Disappearers' Collective, and a contributing member to Dark Hills and Viola's Heartful. Featured along with his family and farm in the film Some Beasts.


Heavy On Earth

No Any Walls

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Heavy On Earth presents a highly personal and introspective vision of a world gone wrong. The song cycle's lo-fidelity channeling lays bare its dark themes with a confident vulnerability. Examining how corrupted elements of the whole spill over into our most personal relations (and vice versa!) seems increasingly relevant as the dawning of our collective shadow grows darker.

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A Linear Painting In Time

No Any Walls

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A thoughtfully arranged collection of folksy, low-fi, and experimental meanderings. Old cracked and detuned Harmony guitars, abused banjos, spring reverb, Telecaster screech and twang, and the epic exploration of a disintegrating Rhodes piano.

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