From the recording Heavy On Earth


diggin' up weeds in some old rich lady's garden
your baby's cryin' back home
trying to break free from some stranger's arms
makin' a dollar less than you are

daddy's sleepin' in a motel
a couple hours up the highway
he's been chasing a paver with a broom underneath those bright lights
he's been shovelin' gravel
tryin' to send home a paycheck that might matter
three months now workin' those overnights

laid off from the highway crew
down at the neighbor's now paintin' some old tin roof
rope wrapped round the chimney, tied around my waist
bruises on my hips from where i fell will be there for weeks

walk down to the cvs
pocket the strongest things that i could get
breeze past the security guard, makin a dollar less than you are
get home take double and triple the label
get home take double then triple the label